Monday, July 4, 2011

Sew along, day 16: connecting the skirt to the bodice

Today's another easy day! You're going to sew the bodice to the skirt and the bodice lining to the skirt lining! This is pretty straightforward: pin the skirt to the bodice, "right" sides together. Even though the bodice lining and bodice are sewn together, they're separate at the bottom, so make sure not to catch the bodice lining when you pin the bodice to the skirt. Then repeat for the lining--sew the skirt lining to the bodice lining, "right" sides together. The seams will only show on the "wrong" side.

Pinning the skirt lining to the bodice lining--you want your
pins to perpendicular to the seam you're making
This is what you'll have after today!
Once everything is sewn together, press the seam up toward the bodice. I do this by first pressing over the seam, then pressing the seam down, then pressing it up. Finally, I press on the "right" side of the fabric.

Tomorrow, we'll put the zipper in, then you'll have another day off to catch up before moving on to the finishing steps.


  1. Did anyone else have the side seams totally not line up? I know I don't have the back and front mixed up because turning it the other way makes the discrepancy even worse. It doesn't bother me that much as long as I'm able to get the zipper done properly, but I'm off about 3/4". I probably just did some lazy cutting and caused myself problems. :(

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I'm not sure what caused your problem, but I do have a guess. Did you make alterations to the pattern? Both the front and back have a little curve to them at the hips. I had to take mine in at the hips a bit more in the front than the back. You're not sewing straight down, you're sewing along the curve, so the more curved the piece is, the longer the matching piece needs to be. If you did make an alteration to just the front or just the back, did you account for the change in length on the opposite piece to make sure it matched?

    That's my only guess as to what happened! I actually think this happened to me the first time I followed this pattern.

    If this is the case, it shouldn't be a big deal, your final product might just be a little shorter.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you for the response! I think when I was cutting the skirt, I may have forgotten the seam allowance and it caused problems. Luckily, I wear a belt over the waist seam and no one will notice!

      I'm attempting a second version with a scoop neckline now. Let's hope it works this time! If not, belt it up! :)