Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hot peppers through winter

Let's just say I went a little overboard with peppers this year. In addition to successfully overwintering my summer 2009 chili de arbol pepper plant, I also bought thai chili pepper, jalapeno pepper, hot banana pepper, and pimiento pepper plants (not shown here). Today, the thai chili peppers and chili de arbol pepper plant are still alive. The hot banana pepper, jalapeno pepper, and pimiento pepper plants are all very dry, and possibly beyond rescue. We'll see....

Here's a summary of most of my peppers from their transplant/purchase until now (or at least what I took pictures of). Note the Christmas lights behind the thai chili pepper plant!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Like this chocolate babka recipe? Then Pin it!
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First, let me apologize for my computer's inability to handle pictures right now. A lot of these posts are a little overdue, but oh well.

My roommate and I hosted a Christmas/Hanukkah party a while back (I guess the first Friday of Hanukkah). Well, really it was more like a Hannukkah party one night followed by a Christmas cookie party the next, since we were a little overambitious. I'll make it all one post, though. There are recipes included!