Sunday, July 3, 2011

CSA, weeks 2-4

After a busy month of weddings and work, I'm all caught up on my cooking with the CSA veggies (and fruit). In week 2, we got some of the best strawberries I've ever had along with the other produce. Everything has been absolutely delicious, and it's forcing me to try new things with veggies other than my usual go to meals. I've been getting more squash than I really know what to do with, but it's ok because 1) I LOVE zucchini bread, and 2) my fiance was in town last week and made a really good summer spaghetti with the squash.

So, to catch you up, here's what I got and what I did with it!

Week 2:
green leaf lettuce
greenhouse-grown tomatoes
summer squash
Week 2 of the farm share, to be split between two people
My half 
The strawberries, as I mentioned, were absolutely incredible. I ate them by themselves. The lettuce went to salad, and the asparagus went into a glass of water to save for soup when I got more in week 3. The broccoli went to a delicious stir fry of ramen noodles (yes, the cheap, bad for you noodles, but I didn't use the flavor packet, just the noodles) along with some edamame, seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, and probably a few other things. The rest of the broccoli and some tomatoes went to a dinner omelette with some greek yogurt dipping sauce.
Stir fried broccoli, edamame, and ramen
Broccoli and manchego omelette with chives
Week three brought some more carrots, kale, beets and awesome strawberries. There was also a new some romaine lettuce, so I was a happy camper. Some pickling cucumbers were also in the basket--very tasty. So far, week three has been my favorite week!
Week 3:
pickling cukes
romaine lettuce

Week 3 of the farm share, before splitting
So far, I've been saving the beets to have enough to make what looks like an amazing beet-horseradish relish recipe I found on Consider the Pantry. I just bought the rest of the supplies for that--horseradish was hard to find! With the asparagus (from weeks 2-3 as well as the non-tip half from week 1), I made a cream of asparagus soup that turned out AMAZING. I froze half of it (pictured) and will be posting the recipe soon. Finally, with some leftover squash from week 2 as well as the carrots, my fiance made a really good summer spaghetti--the sauce was a can of V8 Juice reduced over the stove. The kale went to a small dinner of greens (after we got some more greens in week 4), and of course, I just ate the pickling cucumbers and used the romaine for salad.
Cream of asparagus soup
Summer spaghetti with a big salad 
Some tomatoes went to this delicious meal--turkey
bacon burgers topped with chunky tomato avocado salsa
with a side of potato salad--these might not have been
from the CSA, but I thought I'd picture it here anyway
since it was so tasty and my fiance was proud of his creation.
Week 4 brought some new stuff--swiss chard, radishes, and spinach. Week 4 was also the most difficult to split--we only got one summer squash, one tomato, and three cucumbers, so I had to cut things in half to split it. Oh well, can't win them all. I'm excited about the radishes but haven't used them yet. Spinach is probably the only lettuce I don't care for, so luckily my fiance was here to eat that in a salad. Again, I saved the beets for the relish. We sauteed the swiss chard with the kale from week three for a light dinner one night. I haven't used the squash yet, but I'll most likely make some more zucchini bread and maybe try roasting the rest? Does anyone have any good recipes using roasted squash? No exciting results pictures from week 4, but I hope to have the beet dish soon, and we'll get more produce on Tuesday!
Week 4:
pickling cuke
summer squash
swiss chard

CSA Week 4--before splitting

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