Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sew along, day 15--put the skirt pieces together

Today is REALLY easy. So in essence, it's another catch up day for all of you who are still behind.

You're going to connect the skirt pieces together on only one side, and do the same for the lining. Like with the bodice, you want to leave the left side open for the zipper. Keep in mind that the lining "right" side faces you, so it will be like you're sewing the opposite side of the outer skirt than the lining. If this confuses you, hold it up to yourself when you pin it together--the seams will face out when you do the lining, and in when you do the outer skirt.

Pin the skirt pieces together, and sew! That's it. Plain and simple. Today's a short day--hope you're enjoying the 4th of July Weekend and aren't planning to spend your afternoon and "holiday" in lab like I am.
Pin together the skirt (skirt front is the top piece shown here)
Pin together the skirt lining (skirt back is the top piece shown,
mine has darts because of my strange shape, yours doesn't)
Tomorrow, we'll attach the new skirt to the bodice! Here's a sneak peak picture to get you excited about how the dress is coming together :)

Sneak peek of tomorrow's tasks :)

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