Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Peglegs and Maxaloones

I've decided to make the most use of the blog, I'm going to worry less about writing descriptions and tutorials and worry more about sharing projects with you! I'll answer questions in the comments.

I just made the fastest, most wonderful leggings for myself. I made matching maxaloones for my daughter. I can't wait to wear them to yoga!

Adult pattern: Peglegs by Patterns for Pirates (free if you join their Facebook group)

  • Additions: Crotch Gusset (available from Made for Mermaids in their Facebook group, a sister site of Patterns for Pirates - literally the owners are sisters)
  • Alterations: increased the rise, increased the waistband height (won't do next time), and added a little bit to the curve along the back to accommodate my disproportionately large butt.
Baby/toddler pattern: Maxaloones by Max and Meena
  • Alterations: Made the leg cuffs a bit more snug
Special features on both: I used a faux flatlock stitch! This tutorial was really helpful in getting me started, and then I made some tweaks based on my serger.

Mistakes: I messed up on the maxaloones and sewed the side seams inside out (you need to use the fabric wrong sides together for this stitch, and I defaulted to right sides together). That means the "ladders" are showing instead of the stitching you typically see on athletic wear. I also sewed one of the leg cuffs backwards, so the stitching shows on the outside of the leg for one and on the inside of the other. The stitching on the gusset also needs some work.

Fabric: Nicole Miller poly/spandex from Joann Fabrics

Maxaloones fully unrolled (left) and peglegs (right)


Peg legs - I won't make a wider waistband next time, I think I'd like it shorter

Peg Legs

Peg leg ankle hem (faux flatlock stitch)

Peg leg gusset needs work!
Peg leg front
Maxaloone back with bum circle
Maxaloones in action
Maxaloone back with bum circle

I see a lot more of these in my future :)