Sunday, July 10, 2011

Garden update

It's been a while since I've done a garden update. My plants didn't handle the move too well (and the fact that my brother stacked the basil pot on top of the tomato pot to carry them didn't help much). Long story short: I have no tomatoes :( I moved my avocado tree outside right before I moved because it was doing very well, and I thought it could use the extra sun. Unfortunately, i got sunburned and died. I do have some plants, and they've been doing very well in the past two weeks because we've had a lot of sun. I miss my old porch, but I love this apartment, so I'll compromise.

My friend just gave me some seedlings to add to my garden (some more thai basil, some cilantro, another green onion, and a mystery plant that I have to ask her about). I also bought miniature lemon, lime, and orange trees through Amazon! I've had them in my Amazon shopping cart for about two years, and I finally bought them! They're so cute, and in about a year and a half, I should have some fruit! I planted some new avocado pits, too, so hopefully I'll get a new avocado tree.

Anyway, here's my garden at the moment!

Living room windowsill--my baby citrus trees! 

 Citrus trees from the top
Avocado pit... the water kept getting really hot, so
I moved it to a little pot of dirt even though there are
no roots yet.
Avocado pits in their new little pots--they're on the living room
windowsill next to the citrus plants now, in the little pots that
the citrus trees came in.
Chili de arbol peppers, green onions on the fire escape 
Basil, cilantro, and struggling chives--you can see my thai basil and
cinnamon basil on the sides of the basil pot.
Spearmint and a new pot with tomato seeds; I know they won't
grow big enough in time, but maybe I could move them inside
for the fall?
Today's mini fire escape harvest--a little branch of the pepper
plant with three peppers, one ripe and two green, that I cut off
because it was falling, and a few beat up leaves of basil I pulled
off to clean up the basil a bit.
Bathroom windowsill--pink pot of parsley seeds that I just planted,
two types of mint, and lavender.
Kitchen windowsill--some struggling dill and last year's
parsley that I'm letting grow out for seeds.
Mystery plant on the "bedroom" windowsill 

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