Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nursing friendly quick dress

I have a total of about three nursing friendly dresses... oops! My cousin got married last weekend, and I needed something I could throw together quickly, while babywearing the little girl who never naps. I used a basic half circle skirt with pleats (the easy breezy skirt), but the bodice was tough. I have my go to patterns I've created, but my shape has changed a lot since having a baby! I had to modify it quite a bit and am kinda shocked at how well it turned out.  
Frantically sewing to get this dress made in time!
I used Kam Snaps down the front of the bodice for easy nursing access. If you've never heard of them before, it's probably because you've never had a baby in cloth diapers... they're "diaper snaps." I have made a few diapers and realized these snaps are so much more versatile. Here are 101+ uses for Kam Snaps, but I think they should add my nursing dress to the list because they worked perfectly! 

Snaps down the front
The Kam Snaps I have are standard prong length, which is ideal for diapers (which have a thick PUL fabric layer), but not ideal for the thin flowy fabric I used for this dress. Kam Snaps recommended snipping the tips, and I have to say, it worked perfectly!! I had tested them out on another thin fabric before, and after going through the wash once, they got a little warped and didn't snap properly because they weren't on tight enough. Snipping the tips solved that problem. 

Stretchy Wrap Carriers

All my stretchy wraps (one with my gift label shown)
After about a year's hiatus from the blog, I'm back! This past year has been a little different for me in terms of sewing. I started off making lots of baby gifts for one of my best friends, who had a baby in July. Then, I made lots of things in preparation for my own baby, born in December! I'm sure I'll be back to making adult clothing soon enough, but there will be plenty of baby items interspersed as well in my upcoming posts, starting with wrap carriers :)

Bonding, cuddling, and having two free hands - perfect. Moby wraps are the most popular brand, but there are many others. I decided to make my own.

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