Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Our three year anniversary was in November. I didn't finish this creative gift in time for my anniversary visit, so I said I would mail it the next week. He gave me an engagement ring..... sooooooo my plans to make a good anniversary gift got put on hold with the excitement. My gift was "three jars of awesomeness for three awesome years."

I finished the gift in time for Christmas, though, but I forgot to take pictures. I was there again for Valentine's Day, though, so I took some pics!

I made Sweet Apple Butter, Spicy Banana Peppers, and Sassy Blackberry Jam. The apple butter apples were from apple picking together back in September, the banana peppers were from my summer porch garden, and the blackberries were from Costco. The blackberry jam was my first attempt at making jam, and it set really well and tasted incredible! I added lime juice for a unique kick :)

His parents gave me a new giant pot for canning for Christmas, but since there's no fresh food out right now, I'm just waiting to break it in!

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