Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas Coat

I made this coat for my sister for Christmas (not the best picture ever, but it's what I have. Eventually I'll get a more functional computer that can handle going through my pictures when I don't have a lot of time to spend on it, but that time is not now.... soooooo sorry for making you wait!

I also made my mom something, which I'll post next, when I go through those pictures.

This is the same coat as my own pea coat I made last year. Mine was made of melton wool, interlined with 200g thinsulate, and lined with cheap polyester lining. My sister's is pretty similar--melton wool, but it's interlined with fleece and lined with a print satin. Her coat is better than mine since I had already used the pattern! It's vogue 7979 (out of print).

I'm showing some highlights of the coat production. I didn't take as many pictures as when I made mine, which was before I started this blog, so here are a few final pics for comparison. Mine is blue, my sister's is "emerald green."

It was really fun to make the fleece interlining. I sewed all the satin lining to the fleece with a serge stitch first, which made it easier to sew as one piece (something I learned after making mine). I had fun trying on the coat when it was just the lining since the fleece was all different colors. I also copied all the pattern markings to my wool and fleece using thread. I used hot pink on the wool. You can see the hot pink markings on the collar pictures if you click to zoom in.

The collar, as usual, was the hardest part.

Also, I hand sewed all the buttonholes, since I learned that buttonholes in melton wool are above the capacity of my poor Kenmore, and since it is no longer under warranty like when I broke it last year, I wasn't going to risk it. Here's a nice close up of the buttons on the front. I don't have any pictures or the back of the green coat close up, but here it is in blue:

Finally, and perhaps most exciting, I designed my own tag to include in things I make for other people (T is my first initial)!

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