Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple picking with Shakespeare sleeves

Last weekend brought a nice little indian summer. It was great. 80s and sunny, but with the pretty fall foliage, what could be better? I went apple picking (hence the apple recipes I've posted and will continue posting until I run out of apples), so I made a new shirt for the event.
The black straps are from the bag on my back, but here's a full view of the shirt front
Close up from the side, picking apples
I used a pattern for this one--McCall's 5522, which has apparently gone out of print since I purchased it.
The pattern I used for this shirt
I combined the sleeves from view A (the puffy ones) with the full collar from the other views (Views B-D). The sleeves look like they belong in a Shakespeare play. I thought they looked like fun, and I didn't have anything like them, so I gave it a try. I think I will avoid this style sleeve in the future though, unless I'm using silk or something flowy.
View A--the sleeves I used
View C--the collar I used 

The plaid fabric is something I've had for a while--I think it's a tutti frutti fabric from Joann Fabrics--I like them because they have a bit of texture. Overall, I'm happy with how the shirt turned out. I moved the buttons so there was a button right at the bust (where you SHOULD have a button to prevent gaping), and I took in the lower back a tiny bit, as I always do, but otherwise I simply followed the pattern. I also made a size smaller than usual, which I often do, but I think I need a little more space in the top front.
I'd love to hear your comments on what you think of the pattern, the final product, and especially the crazy sleeves.

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