Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple braids

Inspired by this beautiful picture pinned a million times on Pinterest (originally from, I knew I had to try it out! The recipe on eatliverun says to use a dough not too different from pizza dough, so I just used my pizza dough recipe and decreased the yeast and rise time per instructions from the original and increased the sugar.

Unfortunately, the dough was super watery and difficult to work with, so as I kneaded it on a floured board, it took in a lot of flour and was too floury. I tried again with a normal rise time, but it was still too squishy, and the final result was too bready. I'm still working on perfecting this dough recipe, but the concept is great, and I'm hoping to make beautiful braids of all different types in the future! The original recipe from eatliverun clearly has something right, as their dough is beautiful. Hopefully I can emulate it soon.

Here are my pretty good but not perfect braids! I baked diced apples in some cinnamon and brown sugar for about 30 minutes at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit before assembling mine.
I decided to make a bunch of little braids 
A few braids on parchment paper on the cookie sheet
How I made the braids--Step 1: layer some apple mixture
into the rectangle
How I made the braids--Step 2: Cut a bunch of strips
(I used scissors for this)
How I made the braids--Step 3: criss cross the strips!
Ready to go into the oven (I also made two rolls)
A close up of one of the braids

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