Monday, June 20, 2011

Two weddings in one day? No problem

My friend and my fiance's cousin got married on the same day, so I made a reversible dress! I wore the pink side to the first wedding (a lunch reception) and the teal side to the second wedding (a dinner reception). The only problem was that the stretch satin was not stretchy enough, so I required a lot of assistance getting the dress on and off.
I love the twisted straps (my hair is kinda in the
way, but see the hint of teal flashing through?)
The pink side
The teal side
The only picture I have of the back...
This is Burda Style 05/11 #107D, called "Sex appeal" in the magazine. My fiance complained that none of my dresses that I make are fitted, so here you go! A fitted dress.

The pattern runs really big (it's like they forgot it was supposed to be made out of stretchy fabric) I made it out of ribbed jersey first, and it fit like a paper bag (I'll post that one when I take pictures). I spent forever altering it, and I ended up taking out an entire foot (6 inches/side), and it doesn't really fit right in the middle front or back. So for this one, I took out about two inches from the middle front, two inches from the middle back, and two inches per side, knowing that the stretch satin wasn't quite as stretchy as the ribbed knit. I guess that was a little too much, though, because I can't get it on and off myself. Also, the front pattern piece is a big C that you gather along the long side to make it straight. Directly under the bust, however, has no crosswise stretch, just to warn you!

I made the pink side a tiny bit longer than the teal so it shows a little bit--I did that on purpose so both sides weren't peeking out on both sides of the dress. I haven't gone around and tacked the hems together yet.

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