Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mediterranean Beet Salad

I promised to post this about a week ago, but with the sew along and weddings to attend, I haven't had much time! I made this beet recipe from the New York Times with the beets from the first week of my CSA. My friend had made it last year for the 4th of July.

I followed this recipe exactly (except for one mistake, which I'll describe here). I cut the recipe down to a quarter, which was plenty for me (and the max I could make with my one large beet). The recipe says you can use either sherry vinegar, white wine vinegar, or cider vinegar--I chose cider. Finally, the recipe calls for roasted beets. Well I went ahead and cut up the beets/peeled them and laid them out on a cookie sheet. Then, while they were in the oven, I clicked the "roasted" on the recipe. It didn't want me to do that at all! You're supposed to put the entire beet in a casserole dish with a little recipe before even cutting it!

Chopped up beets that were supposed to stay whole

Incorrectly chopped beets
Anyway, my beets came out a little dry. I added a little water to the marinade, which made it turn out neon pink. Serves me right for not reading the directions.
Beets in their marinade, overnight in the fridge
The dill came from my little windowsill garden, which has seen better days but is alive. I'll post a garden update soon, as well as a CSA recipe update for weeks 2-3 at the end of this week. 
My dill plant 
Garlic pressing the garlic
Yogurt mix--added some of the marinade for flavor
The final product--doesn't really look like the recipe,
but it sure was tasty!
I actually didn't want this salad to be cold cold, so I stuck it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. It was really good. I mixed the leftovers with some lettuce and used the yogurt as salad dressing, also great! I totally recommend this recipe to everyone, just make sure you roast the beets properly!

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