Sunday, April 10, 2011

The first dress I ever made

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This was really the start of it all. I had made lots of doll clothes before, as well as wreaths and other decorative things, but the only clothing I had made for myself was a plaid nightgown and a hooded cotton thing that I guess we can call a shirt. My Mom-mom had taught me how to follow a pattern with the nightgown when I was about 12.

Then I got to college and learned that girls wore sundresses to all the football games. I had my heart set on making my own. I came home for fall break, called my Mom-mom, and she took me shopping for a simple pattern and fabric, and she went through the instructions with me before leaving me on my own to sew. I threw it together in about a day before returning to school, where I wore it to the homecoming game. Sadly, Simplicity doesn't carry the pattern anymore.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the dress from 2003 (at least not in digital form, and what I do have might be at my parents' house in a photo album). I have worn it a few times since; the last time that I have pictures of was at a swim team banquet in 2007:

I also used the same pattern to make what was most likely the second dress I ever made. I used a colorful stripe pattern (a tutti frutti fabric from Joann Fabrics). I gathered the middle front as my only alteration. Unfortunately, when I put the zipper in, I basted the entire back seam and forgot to ever go back over it, so the back split picking up a miniature golf ball (::embarrassing::). I fixed it later, of course, but my family and friends always ask if something is going to split down the back when I wear something homemade.

I've come a long way since then, I think. I also have learned how to alter patterns (the middle/lower back in this one sags). What was the first pattern you ever made?

I definitely recommend this pattern for a beginner. I think I'm going to use it again (with my back alteration) to try my hand at draping--this will make a great foundation!

Also, I should announce here, while I'm on the topic of beginner patterns, that I will be hosting a few sew alongs this summer! We'll start with a reusable grocery bag (pattern to be determined) before moving on to the ever so popular (and free) coffee date dress, and the next pattern in line is Very Easy Vogue 8553, which will be a good intro to knits. I'll be moving at a very very beginner pace (I'm using this to teach four friends to sew who have never sewn much of anything before, ever). Stay posted for more details if you want to sew along!

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