Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crazy dress

I made this dress from Burda Style Magazine 02/11 #116. The pattern called for a sturdy fabric like gabardine, but I had this fabric and had envisioned a loose fitting, waist-tied tunic type dress for it for a while. When I saw the sketch of the pattern, I immediately grabbed this fabric and decided to overlook the fabric recommendation.

The pattern itself was very straightforward, and I would suggest it for a beginner. I had some trouble matching up lengths (esp. on the sleeve cuffs), but I think that was because of my choice in fabric--the sleeve cuffs are cut on a bias, so I think they stretched and ended up being too long. If you decide to make this dress with a slinkier fabric like I did, I would recommend facing one side of the little sleeve cuffs with a lightweight interfacing. I also had trouble sewing a straight line at the waist to thread the string through, again because of my fabric choice.

Instead of using elastic, I just used a strip of fabric that I sewed shut and turned right side out. The top is a little too big--not sure if that would look different with a sturdier fabric. I'd rather it be tighter throughout the top, but oh well. It turned out kinda cute. Not my favorite ever, but it's a good spring/fall going out outfit!


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