Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Eggs!

My roommate and I dyed Easter eggs tonight, so I wanted to share our creativity here :) Here's our egg dyeing experience, somewhat step by step:

All set up! Supplies: newspaper cover, hard-boiled eggs,
food dye, crayons, rubber bands, gloves, paper towels...
don't worry, there are more colors coming!

Egg prep

Look at that focus!

My roommate's Monster Egg

Monster Egg's tail (on his back)

Red Sox Egg sox side

Red Sox Egg Boston side

Other notable eggs included the Harry Potter egg, which had a crack, so she extended it with white crayon lightning bolts on a stormy purple background :) I made the flower egg (front row third from the left, the orange and yellow one on the other side of the Red Sox, the glasses face, the yellow with white stripes, the turquoise with white stripes, the solid purple, the "Happy Easter," and the color wheel egg up top.

And then we each ate one! We stuck to cracked ones since they won't keep as long in the fridge.... mmmmm look at that hard-boiling job.

Our pretty shells

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