Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vogue 1241: sew along, day #8

Now it's time to hem your dress with a back vent. You can either follow the pattern instructions (which confused me) or just kinda wing it. I went with the second. To make the back vent, I pressed the back seam in one direction and made a little snip in the lining so it could come on the outside of the dress. Then I sewed narrow hems attaching the outside to the lining and top stitched the outside of the vent (sandwiching in where I snipped the lining) before actually hemming my dress. Note that if you do it this way, you'll have to make a pleat on one side of the lining as you hem. 

This probably all sounds very confusing (and it still is to me), so I hope my finished product pictures make sense to you.
Back vent, closed (note the topstitching)
Back vent - for the side on the right of the picture, I stitched a narrow hem on the outer fabric before folding it over and sewing it in place.
Back vent from the inside - for the side on the left of the picture, I just sewed a narrow hem and then sewed it in place.

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