Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun with straps #1

My fiance graduated from medical school last weekend, so I made two new dresses for the occasion! I had fun making creative straps for both of them.

For this first dress, I used Simplicity 5498 (out of print, the first dress I ever made) with a few sizing alterations--I took it in at the back seams connecting the side pieces to the back panels and in the center front as well. The dress has princess seams and flares out at the bottom, giving it a mermaid shape. I used a thick fabric with some stretch to it, so it was really comfortable. The fabric has been in my stash for a long time, so I'm not sure what it's made from or where I bought it.
Fun with straps dress #1
I did stray from the norm, though--I left out the interfacing. To tell you the truth, I like it much better without. In the future, I think I'll leave out the interfacing or use sew in interfacing--the iron on stuff always leaves me feeling like I'm wearing something homemade. I think the fabric can hold its own, and I did include fabric facing at the top, I just didn't iron on interfacing. Finally, I made three spaghetti straps that I attached at the shoulders, which made it unique.

I wore the dress with a white, thick ribbon wrapped twice around my waist and tied in a bow. Because of the color and style, this dress could be dressed up or dressed down, making it very versatile. I'll definitely wear this dress again!
Front view
Back view
Awkward picture of me, but a good
picture of the straps!
Happy graduation, night #1!
Straps and invisible zipper (sorry for the wrinkles, this
was after a flight back in my suitcase in a ball)
The inside of the dress--this is all the facing I used

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