Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garden dress

Burda Style Magazine picture for the dress
I made this dress about a month ago. I was waiting to post it until it was warm enough to take pictures outside, but since that's not happening any time in the foreseeable future, I decided to take pictures with my indoor garden, which is doing well now that there is more sun. It's Burda Style Magazine 02/11 dress #101. Click the picture to see the pattern and other people's variations of this dress.

I loved this pattern. It was super simple. The neckline is my favorite part, and the invisible zipper is my best ever. Now I only need a white belt! The black doesn't really match, and I think it looks best with a belt so the gathering doesn't poof at all. This fabric hangs very well. I love it!

The dress is fully lined--the bodice is lined with some leftover batiste from another project, and the skirt is just lined with the rest of the pretty floral fabric from the outside. The instructions said to use stay tape around the armholes and neckline, but I didn't have that, so I ironed on some interfacing to the lining:

The invisible zipper is my pride and joy:

Here's the rest of my fashion shoot:


  1. Also, I forgot to include that the lining is sewn in without a visible seam at the shoulders per the instructions on burdastyle on how to sew in an all in one facing.

  2. Hey Bobbin Girl!~ Just found this and love it! you and the dress!~