Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wedding Rehearsal Dress

As I've mentioned in previous posts, the prep for my wedding last June was kinda frantic. Between defending/graduating/moving in the few months leading up to the wedding, there was a LOT to do right there at the end. Case in point: two days before we left to drive to the wedding location, I hadn't even designed my rehearsal dress yet. I threw it together using royal blue peach skin fabric. I am now completely in love with this fabric. The top didn't fit very well, so I added pleats after the fact. Overall, I'm pleased with how the dress turned out, and I wore it again to a friend's beach wedding later in the summer.

The skirt was the original "easy breezy skirt," and the top was modified from my standard bodice pattern that I use as the base of most tops.

The dress was perfect for my rehearsal. The only problem: in my haste to print out directions and contact information about five minutes before it was time for the rehearsal to start, I forgot the beautiful bouquet my attendants made me at my bridal shower :(

At the rehearsal
Re-wearing the dress at a beach wedding
Back of the dress
My lovely bouquet that I left right on the bed in my rush to get to my rehearsal on time!

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