Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Sew Along #2: McCall's 6074

McCall's 6074, click the picture to purchase online
As promised, I'll start this second sew along soon (the end of August, 2013). I plan for Day #1 of the sew along to be a week from today (Thursday, August 29th). Like last time, I'll have you spend a day or so cutting and pinning with minimal sewing, and then I'll feature the bulk of the sewing over the weekend.

This pattern is VERY EASY. The most difficult aspect is that it uses knit fabric, which can misbehave while sewing and cutting.

I'll walk you through how to follow a commercial pattern-what different marks mean, what certain instructions mean, etc. Don't feel intimidated if you've never followed one before!

There is no zipper, so all you need for this pattern is the correct amount of fabric (calculate your size based on measurements, and then purchase your fabric accordingly). This pattern calls for a stretch knit fabrics, like jersey. You should pre-wash your fabric as you would wash the future garment. Most jersey knits, etc., can go in the dryer, but they might shrink, so make sure to do this before any cutting!

You'll also need matching thread and 1/4 yard of 1/2" elastic. The elastic goes in the center front under the bust where the dress is gathered.

There is a current pattern sale on the McCall's website through today (August 22nd, 2013), so if you haven't purchased the pattern yet, order it!

At this point, just make sure you have your pattern, fabric, thread, and elastic, and wash and dry the fabric before next Thursday when we'll start.

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