Saturday, December 24, 2011

A few DIY Christmas decorations

I just realized that I never took pictures of everything to show my completed decorations, but given that it's Christmas Eve, I think it's a little late for that. So here are a few of my DIY Christmas decoration ideas from this year in various stages of completeness.
Little jingle bells under overturned wine glasses with votive candles on top. I got this idea from several pins on pinterest back in early fall showing candles atop wine glasses with fall-colored flowers underneath.
Glitter-covered wine bottles with candy canes sticking out
The label came off one bottle very easily--just warm water and soap. The other was clearly not adhered with water-soluble glue, so I had some trouble. The trick? I covered it with oil (cheapest I had was canola oil)for a few hours (covered in an oil-saturated paper towel). Then it came off really easily!

Christmas-colored clothespins for hanging Christmas cards
These are really easy! I have them hanging from a sparkly rope that goes across a doorway to hold cards we got in the mail.

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