Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nursing friendly quick dress

I have a total of about three nursing friendly dresses... oops! My cousin got married last weekend, and I needed something I could throw together quickly, while babywearing the little girl who never naps. I used a basic half circle skirt with pleats (the easy breezy skirt), but the bodice was tough. I have my go to patterns I've created, but my shape has changed a lot since having a baby! I had to modify it quite a bit and am kinda shocked at how well it turned out.  
Frantically sewing to get this dress made in time!
I used Kam Snaps down the front of the bodice for easy nursing access. If you've never heard of them before, it's probably because you've never had a baby in cloth diapers... they're "diaper snaps." I have made a few diapers and realized these snaps are so much more versatile. Here are 101+ uses for Kam Snaps, but I think they should add my nursing dress to the list because they worked perfectly! 

Snaps down the front
The Kam Snaps I have are standard prong length, which is ideal for diapers (which have a thick PUL fabric layer), but not ideal for the thin flowy fabric I used for this dress. Kam Snaps recommended snipping the tips, and I have to say, it worked perfectly!! I had tested them out on another thin fabric before, and after going through the wash once, they got a little warped and didn't snap properly because they weren't on tight enough. Snipping the tips solved that problem. 

Snaps are way easier to attach than buttons (you just use a pair of pliers), and they're faster to snap and unsnap for a hungry baby, too.

The back has an invisible zipper (I didn't want the snaps to go low enough in the front to forgo a back closure), and I did a rolled hem and a little sash around the waist. I'm totally loving this dress!
Babywearing at the wedding! Stretchy wrap cross-posted here!
Rolled Hem
Invisible zipper (you can see the snaps on the inside of the front)

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