Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bridesmaid Gift #2: Initialed Hangers

Photo by Sean Marshall Lin
This is another half-handmade gift. I gave each of my bridesmaids and bridal assistants three gifts: an initialed robe (click here to view), an initialed hanger, and a handmade jewelry set (view here).

Hopefully my attendants have something fun hanging on the hanger now. They added another personal detail to the wedding day itself, too.

Making these was incredibly simple. I ordered these satin covered hangers from Amazon. I purchased small wooden letters from Walmart that I painted silver. I attached the letters with a ribbon, and I also sewed onsmall clusters of beads to prevent straps from slipping off the hanger. I sewed on multiple clusters per side so my bridesmaids can use them for other clothing in the future. Who doesn't need another hanger?

Bead clusters I sewed on top to keep straps in place

All the dresses on their hangers
while we got ready in our robes!
I designed and made the six
bridesmaid dresses myself.
View that process and more
pictures here.

Photo by Sean Marshall Lin

Another close up
Photo by Sean Marshall Lin
Hanger without any dresses

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