Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cozy Christmas (men's) Shirt

I branched out this Christmas... I made MEN'S clothing. I made two plaid flannel shirts for my fiance. I couldn't finish both in time for Christmas, so I gave him one then and finished the other one after. The first was a surprise, but I let him try on the second while I was working on it (definitely a good idea). The first didn't fit properly :( I somehow left out the front seam allowances, and the collar was too high. The second fit perfectly.

I copied a plaid flannel shirt that he already has, and I'll be posting a tutorial on how I constructed the pattern from the shirt in the next week. I just finished the second one, though, and my fiance wore it out to dinner last night! I wanted to share the pictures with you.

Shirt #1 front
Shirt #1 back 
Close up of shirt #1
Shirt #1, into the box! 
Opening... I was so excited at this point
Awesome gift! Too bad it doesn't fit right... he'll wear it
with a shirt underneath, not buttoned all the way
Shirt #2--perfect for reading!
Back of shirt #2
Buttons and pocket
Back close up of shirt #2
Also perfect for sake!
Ready to go out to sushi in the new shirt :)
I'll lower the collar on shirt #1 to make it wearable. I'm so sad it doesn't fit, but I guess I learned my lesson--it's better to have someone try on the gift than make it a surprise that doesn't fit!

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