Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garden Update

It's been a while since I've given a garden update. Some things are doing great (basil, lemon, orange), and some things are struggling (lime, chili de arbol peppers, chives). Others are just so-so.

My VERY late-planted tomato seeds gave me three great looking tomato plants. Unfortunately they haven't flowered yet, and it's supposed to drop into the 40s overnight soon, so I'm not sure what to do with them. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that they flower before the first frost, and then I'll move them inside and hope to get some tomatoes!

My fire escape garden had to move indoors when Hurricane Irene came through. Here are the plants before Irene:

Pre-Irene garden through the screen
Tomatoes to the left, chives and basil straight ahead
My avocado pits are sprouting roots!
A root
Citrus on the windowsill
Struggling chili de arbol pepper plant
Lavendar and two types of mint in the bathroom window
Plants are inside and wet at the start of Irene
The plants all survived the hurricane and moved back outside once the wind died down. The pepper plant I got from my friend (the previously unidentified plant) is small but doing well. I'm excited to see what kind of pepper it is! My friend said it came from a mix of pepper seeds, so it could be anything.
This pepper's really not doing so hot at this point, so
I trimmed off a whole bunch of it except the healthy little
part at the bottom
Chili de arbol in a smaller pot... just the healthy part
Mystery pepper in the yellow pot, tomatoes behind... look
how much bigger they got in just two weeks or so
Scallions, little pepper, chives, bushy basil
Lemon has graduated to a big pot (so has orange at this point)
Lime is struggling (and actually has no remaining leaves
as of today :( )
The avocado pits might have been smothered a bit.... i.e. I was checking their roots every day, and then the strongest one broke from constant handling. I'm leaving them alone for now, and hopefully one will grow into a sturdy plant.

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